Do you enjoy driving? You don’t really know what does driving mean if you have never managed a real BMW. Prepare yourself to feel the emotions taking control of your body and soul.

Efficiency and sustainability are completely compatible with power and control of the elements driving a BMW.

Take the road, make yours the asphalt and drive by Barcelona with an unparalleled domain. You will feel like nothing could beat you, as you are driving a BMW in this mediterranean city. This is the  moment to rent a BMW in Barcelona and enjoy the freedom of driving.


    Historia y tradición de una gran marca

    “The legacy of BMW”

    BMW was settled in 1916 during the World War I  and it was the producer of the aviation engines for the Prusian army. The colors white and blue come from the bavarian flag, and the typography comes from the ancient logo of Rapp Motor.

    Between the most famous cars of BMW you can find the first bimmer, also known as Dixi and sold in during the hardest years of the german depression. In the other hand, the BMW of twelve cylinders, which main public was the speed lovers.

    Currently, the lushest model of BMW is i8. This futuristic sports car has been designed to revolutionize the motoring world. It offers a sporty drive with very low levels of energy consumption and pollution. It has two engines: one hybrid and other combustion, and because of this it achieves an extraordinary efficiency and dynamism on the road.

    The exceptional BMW cars and technical innovations have continuously shaped the brand’s history.

    “When you drive, you drive”

    BMW has been adapting to the times at the same time as society has done. So, this is the reason why BMW is the leader brand.

    Whenever you have to drive, do it in a BMW, because it will allow you to experience its technology in the most demanding conditions, always with maximum responsibility and sustainability.

    We will be in charge to make you feel the pleasure to drive this car and feel its sporty spirit. Renting a BMW can make you feel forgotten feelings. Rent a BMW in Barcelona right now.

    From now on, your instinct and your BMW will guide you.

    Are you ready? Start the engine and understand that the creation of a BMW is not just good science, but art.