Choosing a Ferrari means enjoying a great experience, but not any one. A Ferrari car has an extremely power. Because of this characteristic is only suitable for the most wild riders, for those one that really want to life a unique and exciting experience. You would experience this at the very moment you step on the accelerator.

So, are you ready to rent a Ferrari to ride through the streets of Barcelona? We will make it possible. You only need to be ready for an adventure and a bit of audacity, and then feel how sounds this perfect engine.


    Renting a Ferrari and a passion

    A city: Maranello. A date: year 1947. Enzo, a competition’s cars driver, choose to run his own sports cars company. He selected a color: red. He let himself to live his passion and then he created the very first model. “The first engine with a soul”, he confessed. The first Ferrari changed definitely the car’s history. If there are unique stories, this is one of them.

    Ferrari conqueers the roads of the world, because it is not only a car; it has character, elegance and autenticity. At we also want to make your dreams come true.

    A variety of reasons to choose a Ferrari.

    Our team prepares the model that you are looking for in a short period of time, because we would like you to experience its exclusivity the soon as possible. Its technical quality is almost perfect. Ferrari has also a distinguished power, design and surprisingly contemporary lines. Its confort design will make you feel safe and protected in the best possible way. You need to experience, at least once in a lifetime, how does it feel to drive a Ferrari.

    Life that moment. If you want to rent exclusively one of our Ferrari models, fill our contact form, send us an email or make a call to let us know the car you are interested in. Discover our exclusive service; we will assure you the best quality and security.