Driving a Range Rover is luxury and power. The Land Rover All Terrain is recognized for its unmistakeble fancy and elegant silhouette. Also, this exclusive vehicle offers a complete safety on road, and it adapts to the most extreme conditions. This model is ideal for those who look for moving easily in and out of the city.


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    The desing of its hight tecnology machine lets absolute and safe control in all the displacements. permite un control total y seguro durante todos los desplazamientos. The 9-speed automatic transmission is lightweight and very compact. It lets save fuel efficiently and achieves reduction in CO2 emission. Its extreme strength, refinement and efficiency make it possible for the Range Rover to adapt to any terrain, even on the most complicated routes.

    All of the machines of Range Rover have been designed with an effective answer start/stop sistem. This tecnology lets machine stops automaticaly in the very instant machine stops. The objective is achieve a minor consume of fuel and guarantee less contaminating emissions to enviorement.

    All Range Rover’s inside details have been thought in order to order to make the journey completely comfortable.  Finishes are minimalist and atmosphere is elegant and comfortable. You will enjoy here the luxury of accessing to the last tecnology easily and quickly. Its soft leader seats, along with its advanced heat and cold sistem will isolate you from outside climatic conditions.

    During the journey you will be amused and informed because you can conect your smartphones or know easily the best route to arrive to your destination. Your pair, family or friends ccan see a film or television through Dual View sistem. You can also regulate the lights to make a great atmosphere to have better rest until you finish the travel.

    While you are on road, your music can play in all its breadth thanks to a studied placement of the subwoofer speakers. Because the sound in a Range Rover is exceptionally nitid, with a high defition bass; deep and full.

    Range Rove’s driving assistance will let you an extraordinary control of the vehicle: you can know if other cars are approaching and check any death angles, have a parking guide easy and comfortable, react to any traffic sign in a bigger gap of time. Other of the car’s characteristics is its huge load capacity. Its design has been made to carry your cases or sport equipment, not limiting you and letting yuor luggage at home.

    Because all of these unmatched prestations, Range Rove is the perfect all terrain not only for the punctual adventures, but for long way journeys.