The Ford Mustang is an authentic movie car. You can see it on the big screen in several movies: James Bond Goldfinger, with Sean Connery driving; and also in Diamonds for eternity, Fast and Furious or 60 seconds with Nicolas Cage.

If your dream is to rent a movie car like this, we will bring your right from the screen to the asphalt of Barcelona streets, so you can write your own script. Be the main character on a fantastic Mustang. We have a broad a wide range of Mustangs to rent in Barcelona at the best price.


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    How Ford Mustang was born, the great american dream

    In the entry of 60’s, the company Ford was shocked by the loss of attraction of its last vehicle, the Thunderbird. After this bad times, Ford started searching a brand new model that revolutionized the motor market in its favor and not the direct competition, Chevrolet.

    Ford wanted to create the almost perfect car: it should be lighter compared with the two tones that were used at that time, economically accessible and with the commodities of a middle class vehicle, but with the power of the best vehicles.

    Once the new Ford vehicle design ended, they tried to draw the attention of their public with new strategies. With this objective, they leak Mustang test model secret photographs. This created a lot of interest among Americans. Once they generated a great interest in the population, Ford launched the new almost perfect car at the New York World Fair on april 17th, 1964. That year gave part of the new vehicle name.

    That’s how the new Ford model was born, the almost perfect Ford car. In fact, currently there are still fans of this particular model. A spectacular car that will make you feel even if you just stare at it. What else to say if the name itself says it all: Ford Mustang.

    Make your dream came true with the american dream

    If you want to fulfill your dream of driving the great  Ford Mustang, here in we want to help you make your dreams come true. Our team will put at your disposal the great american dream, quickly and easily.

    From we are waiting for you to enjoy this incredible car which its history and name speak for themselves.

    You will enjoy in Barcelona streets of a driving experience that you’ll never forget with our Ford Mustang. ¿Will you lose the opportunity to drive the car of your dreams? Don’t do it, contact us and we’ll help you to rent a Mustang in Barcelona at the best price.