Just a German car and just an authentic Mercedes-Benz can make you feel the German reliability in your own hands. Let yourself be carried by the inseparable binomial elegance and sportsmanship. Feel safe renting a Mercedes-Benz in Barcelona.

A work of art of mechanical engineering that will make you feel the true pleasure of driving. Drive the best or do not drive.


    360º driving experience

    Mercedes-Benz, “a good star in all roads”, was designed by one of pioneers in world car industry, Gottlieb Daimler. He could capture the car’s skills and could manage it through land, sea and air.

    The brand is one of the oldest in the market, founded in 1926 by Karl Friedrich Benz. “Love for innovation will never die” is his famous quote. Among his partners, he built the car considered as the first modern car.

    Legend says Emil Jellinek, who sold the cars, had a daughter called Mercedes Adrienne. Very happy for this wonderful gift of life, he began to use her name. That was because, from that moment, his life flourished as he has always dreamed.

    As you can see, Mercedes-Benz history is full of life. Generations and families united for the same goal: the change.

    The best or nothing

    Why Mercedes-Benz? Because it is committed to dynamism, progress, comfort and stability. Also, their designs are every time more and more bold and innovative.

    Its most remarkable aspects are the distinct and elegant presence combined with the sportiness and versatility of its facilities. It counts with a professional equipment on board to make the driving easier and safer.

    You will experiment every of this emotions at the first moment you began to drive, so in we ensure that you can use and enjoy a Mercedes-Benz rental in Barcelona.