Mercedes V Class stands out for its fascinating presence that characterizes all of the Mercedes-Benz models. Harmonious and unmistakable, its unique design will not leave you indifferent.

The space is other outstanding feature of the V Class. Each of the people who travel in one of this exclusive model can enjoy the unmatched comfort. In addition, thanks to the flexibility and versatility of its seats, you will be able to adapt it to circumstances very quickly.


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Comfort for traveling

With Mercedes-Benz V Class you can enjoy safe, relaxed and serene driving. How? The answer is simple: thanks to a team of assistants that will acompany you in all of your journeys. The models counts with security and assistance sistems driving that will help you in many situations.

The opcional automatic pilot for distance DISTRONIC [1], the LED Intelligent Light System[2], the Collision Prevention Assist [3] and two opcional parking packs with active help for driving and reverse vision, or the 360º camera, will provide you the ineed safety for you and your companions.

Respect to driving assintance sistems, Mercedes-Benz offers a huge range of options for V Class in order to make driving easier and assist in critical situations, both on the road and on city streets.

Mercedes Vito

There are three Mercedes-Benz Vito models: Van, Mixed and Tourer. Three models with the same functional esence, but with completely dififerent possibilities.

Vito Van V Class has increased the useful load in 264 lbs respect to previous serie and it has a length of 10 ft. This make it a  proffesional transporting vehicle  that will make your daily tasks much easy and profitable. Vito Van offers three types of propulssion: front, rear and integral traction; so you can choose the one you consider the most appropiate.

If your job is carry people and commodity, Mixed Vito is ideal model for you. The loading surface is 28,3 ft2 and offers place for six people with all comfort. Bet for sure and pick a Mixed Vito V Class.

The Vito Tourer stands out for its big versatility. You can adapt populsion to your needs through three options: Base, Pro and Select. Vito Tourer V Class is the most sustainable in years;  its minimum consumption is 2.05 gal in 100 m, and its first revision is until 24854 m.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito V Class Models will provide you safety, comfort and dynamism you need in your daily activities. Which is the most suitable vehicle for yours needs?

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