Glamour, luxury and elegance. We could be talking about Barcelona, but we are actually talking about Maserati, the italian house of high class sports cars.

Driving a Maserati requires a privileged class and elegance. With no doubt, driving one of these cars is an unique feeling and just available for a few.

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    Maserati brothers and their big empire

    The Maseratis opened a small repair workshop for Isota Fraschini engines, for local competitions.

    At the beginning hey just repared engines until they built their own, with which they won a local race. In a year they reached the control of the Italian competition, with Ernesto Maserati as the driver, one of the seven brothers. Thanks that, they could sell a lot of cars.

    The 30’s was an espectacular period of time for Maserati. They won each race they ran and the company was growing more and more, so they decided to move from Bolonga to Modena in order to expand the business. While the World War II was happening, the factory had to build war material.

    During the first years of Formula 1, Maserati was present. Years below, Maserati’s control changed, when Fiat purchased the 100% of the shares of stock and, years later, Fiat finally sold the brand to Ferrari.

    Maserati, a very real masterpiece of Italian design

    Nowadays, Maserati is the most luxury car around the world. If your passion is driving this car because of everything it represents, we want you to reach your dreams.

    Don’t wait, and drive the car of Neptuno’s trident, his special weapon. The one which gave him all his power.

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