Barcelona will not resist the charm of the bad guy of luxury cars.

The little brother of battle cars of the desert lands in Barcelona streets and needs to be driven. Drive and authentic Hummer, the king of all-terrain cars.

There is no surface that could resist the beast, there is no city where could slip past, there is no human in earth who could not be impressed by the greatness and power of a Hummer. Imagine driving one! We offer you the best choice to drive a Hummer in Barcelona.


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Hummer, from the war to the streets

There are some cars which take part of the history and there are others that had written their own story. Hummer is the all-terrain par excellence, the most shocker car that exists. A car with character, personality and unique. Driving will not be the same after a Hummer.

The Hummer gives the driver real safety. It is a robust and big sized car, where you can feel like anything bad will happen to you.

Hummer was born in 1971, and two years later it was used as a war car. The power of this vehicle is undeniable. During the Gulf and Panama’s War, its popularity grew because of the huge repercussion in TV. The success was so great that Urban Hummer began to be marketed. A car with which you can get anywhere.

From we encourage you to know this wonderful jewel of automotive, with which you feel comfortable and powerful. Its interior is spaceful because it is a 4×4, a comfortable car to drive but also to go as a companion. Discover the best routes and roads of Barcelona on a Hummer.

Stop dreaming and dare yourself to discover lots of adventures and roads while you drive a magnificent Hummer. We assure you that anyone will stay indifferent while you drive a vehicle like this. Living is enjoying, driving is enjoying, living is driving. Enjoy a Hummer in Barcelona at the best price.