If you have not rode a Rolls-Royce once in a lifetime you have not experienced completely the sensation of perfection. The lucky ones that have driven this british jewel are not able to find a piece of discomfort.

Having the opportunity for driving a Rolls-Royce through the modern streets of Barcelona is the most luxurious way to enjoy the city. If you are a big fan of Rolls-Royce you can’t miss our exclusive fleet.  We would like to offer you the possibility of renting a Rolls-Royce at the best price possible.


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The legend beginnings

Rolls- Royce was named by Charles Stuart Rolls, a british aristocrat and a big lover of motor racing. He was also one of the most famous pilot of his era. The first car was created in collaboration with a prestigious car’s engineer, Frederick Henry Royce.

On the early 20th century, Charles Rolls defeat the prejudices of his social class. He opened a concessionaire of french cars based in London. That was his beginning as a professional in the motor business. Rolls knew in advance that there was a market to explore on the luxury car’s area.  He created an alliance with the engineer Royce to design the most luxurious british car of all ages.

Perfection does exist and it is called Rolls-Royce

The first Rolls- Royce model was created to be driven on the Motor Car Exhibition in 1904. This model had a characteristic frontal that became worldwide known. That specific car was an artisan model. It was very popular because of the soft feeling while driving. Royce was a big lover of taking care of each detail. He also worked to transform a single idea into the biggest one.

The popularity increased with the Silver Ghost model. In 1907 that car was labeled by the magazine Autocar as “the best car in the world”. Since then, Rolls- Royce has selected buyer and is a symbol of luxury, elegance and distinction. Who doesn’t want to drive a classic car with such a prestige? If you are a big lover of this distinguished motor label, we offer you an exclusive Rolls-Royce car rental. Feel free to contact us.